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Very proud of the cast and crew!

Feature Comedy Film - Directed by John Foutz, Written by Dexter Goad
and John Zakour and stars Alexa Yeames, Vanelle, Elijah Chester, Nathaniel J Brown, Candice Broom, Emily Foutz, Lindsay Kilgore, Amanda Elizabeth, Tara Nicole Azarian, Jennifer Rossoli, Will Baker and John Foutz.



What people are saying:

“I was looking for someone to create an illustration that showed our customer’s what was inside the finished project.  John took the time to learn about our business and understand exactly what we were looking for.  As we went back and forth fine tuning the illustration to the exact scale and detail that was needed, he kept a professional attitude.  John was always willing to make the necessary changes, no matter how big or small to get it right and he returned the work when promised.  I am very pleased with John’s work and look forward to working with him in the future on even more challenging projects.”

- Lynn Power, Marketing Manager, Strata Systems, Inc.


“John Foutz has been an invaluable mentor to me. He is a dedicated actor, writer, and director. He is amazing with 3D animation and CG effects. Foutz Studios is an incredible company to work for and with. I look forward to seeing more films and projects come from this talented production company. (And hopefully being a part of them.)”

- Vanelle, Actress, Assistant Director, Writer


“John is the ultimate professional. He brings a lot of energy and 100% dedication to every project that he works on. John is a top notch director and camera man. Highly recommended.”

- Brian Conlon, Actor, Writer, Director, DP


"John approaches directing from DP and acting backgrounds so he is very well grounded on both aspects that a Director needs command of ... the actors and the technical vision. He is hands on with his actors and knows exactly what he wants. He is able to communicate his expectations but allows actors the freedom to express their own creative vision. This perfect balance allows us to get through scenes that might take inferior directors all day to shoot without sacrificing enough viable choices for the editor. On the technical side, you're not going to find someone who frames a shot better than John. His hands on filming style allows you to cut out the middleman (in this case, paying someone else to be DP) and saves a ton of time you would have to communicate to someone else about framing. And I have yet to find some technical aspect of filming that John either doesn't already know or can't find out in a short period of time."

- Dexter Goad, Writer, Producer, Owner of ShadowDog Productions


“John and his crack staff are already doing some great work and we look forward to seeing much more from these folks as they develop many productions that will be admired by all.....When it comes to the world of Independent filmmaking, John is definitely already making a name for himself...”

- Marc Lee, Owner of Lee Entertainment